Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another week of progress

This week I faithfully put in my 12 stitches a day on Green Sparkle Angel, and then I spent Date Night with her last night. I've finished those three blasted rows of white tent stitch (man, do I need practice with that!) and I'm half-way through the first row of the interior borders. I'm so happy with this project--good thing, since I've got three more of these to stitch (other colors) this year!

This week I plan to follow the same stitching plan: 12 stitches a day, plus a few hours on Date Night (Saturday night).

So here's what she looks like now:

Monday, February 7, 2011

12 stitches a day

Gay Ann wants us to find 12 stitches a instead of only working on this project on the weekend, I'm going to add 12 stitches a day to my routine. This week's 12 stitches will be the boring white tent stitch (3 rows of it) that go around the outside border of the ornament. Here's a close-up of where I left off last night--I wonder what it will look like at the end of the week?

Of course, I do other stitching during the week, it's just not Gay Ann Stash stitching!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

a weekend of progress

Finally, a weekend of stitching! Here's my progress on Green Sparkle Angel--the outer border has been completed, and I've begun the tedious work of stitching the three rows of white tent stitch around the outer border. I'm going to put in 12 stitches a day on the tent stitch this week, maybe it won't be so tedious in small doses!

Finally! Back to stitching!

Between the flu and the lingering exhaustion from the flu I didn't get any stitching of any type done over a week. But last night...oh, how good it felt to be back stitching away on my ornament!

I finished the first 2 rows of the border, and I started on the third row. Today's going to be another good day for stitching so I'm hoping to see finish all of the outer borders before I pack my angel away for the week. Look for a photo tomorrow of my progress.