Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hearts...beautiful, lovely, HEARTS!

It's here--Gay Ann's once-a-year heart sale! For one week only she's offering 7 different hearts for sale on her website.

They are all beautiful, but I'm partial to the HOME heart, and the set of 3 Pink Roses hearts.

Even if you're not planning on ordering anything right now, do go check them out. Her designs are always a joy to look at.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


I finally get back to stitching after all of the Christmas hustle and bustle. There I was, settled down last night in my stitching place, ready to stitch and listen to the GOP debate. As I finish up one of the borders around the inside lozenge on my Blue Sparkle Angel I look back at the instructions so that I know what to do next and I see...SOIE D'ALGER...oh, no...I don't have any....

When I had my darling husband kit up the 4 angel ornaments for me way back in December of 2009 my LNS didn't have the Soie d'Alger I needed. So much time had passed between the time I had him kit her up and now that I had forgotten about the problem.

So now I'm on hold until I can get to the LNS next week to pick up a skein. Good thing I have so many other projects hanging around here needing to be stitched!