Sunday, October 10, 2010

Not much to show for this year

E-week is upon us, and I'm embarrassed to say that I haven't stitched a single project out of my Gay Ann Rogers stash since finishing Merry Kitty Christmas. (By the way--I did get Merry Kitty Christmas to my local needlepoint shop to be sent out for finishing on Oct. 2. I'm hopeful that it will be back in time to make it on my tree this year!) Such a shame...

But at least I finished one thing.

But I plan to start to remedy that sad situation today. I have pulled out all the supplies I need to start stitching Merry Christmas Heart, and later this morning I will begin outlining the heart with ecru perle.

So perhaps I can have 2 Gay Ann finishes for the year, even if the second one won't be on the tree this year.

Here are all my supplies at the ready:

Wait, has anyone seen my tacks? Where are my tacks? Let me go look...darn it, I can't find the tacks or my tightening tool. Looks like I've got to make a trip to the needlepoint store for replacements before I can start stitching. So much for starting today. Since I've got to make the trip across town I might as well pull out another ornament and get it kitted up, too. Now which one should I pick?

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