Sunday, July 3, 2011

date night progress

Oh my gosh! I had forgotten how painstaking it is to stitch with the white pearl on the white canvas! I must have stitched partial rows and then ripped them out a half a dozen times. I cannot believe I once thought that I was going to get all four of these stitched this year!

So here's a photo of my progress from last night. I finished up the gold border around the center green lozenge and then started on the white border that runs outside of that gold border. As you can see, I'm half-way finished with that white border. Next week I should be able to get it finished up on date night--I'm not sure that this is a suitable project for '12 stitches a day' work. It's too easy to lose your place on this one!

See you next weekend with a new update.

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