Friday, October 24, 2014

I'm not sure, and why I ordered kits from the Annex!

As I continue working on the Florentine Ornament I'm not sure about the center Scotch stitch color.  It's not the color called for on the chart--7022--because the shop didn't have that color.  Plus, the other 70xx colors looked nothing like the photo on the chart.  Why would they?  I found out later that Caron has changed the numbering system on their Impressions thread and 7022 is now 8022.  I picked a color that looked close to the color in the photo, but now I'm wondering if it's just not really the right shade.  The shade is something in the 51xx range, a dark gray-green.   I think today I may run by my LNS and see if they have something in that 8022 range, just to satisfy myself.

I'm waiting for my eWeek charts and my Annex kits to arrive.  I like ordering the kits from the Annex after Gay Ann's sale.  At least I know that I have the correct supplies!  I would do all my shopping at my LNS but no one there ever seems to have time to help me and since the shop is quite a bit out of the way and has limited hours--well, it just makes shopping with Kate even more attractive!

Here's a photo of my Florentine ornament--as it looks right now.   Any opinions about the center color?

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