Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Where has the time gone?

Who knows?  And why waste even a moment worrying about it?  What matters now is that I'm back, and I don't plan on vanishing again.

Looking at all of the lovely offerings from Gay Ann for this year's E-Week sale awakened something deep inside, so yesterday I had to make a trip to my LNS to kit up one of the many GAR designs I have.

I pulled the chart for "First Florentine Ornament" out of my stash and kitted it up.  I got started as soon as I got home from work yesterday.  This was my attempt at Scotch stitch and I'm very happy with my results.  I finished the entire Scotch stitch center last night, and then early (way too early!) this morning I put in the Krenik braid overstitch.

 photo AFAB180E-7FD8-4CF2-9756-BC53B26B54B9.jpg

Later this morning I started adding the navy Krenik border around the Scotch stitch.  I should be able to finish this border tonight.

 photo 8B422F11-FCF9-4309-94F5-B3CF32518A10.jpg

I ordered a few things from E-Week.  I'm looking forward to adding Whitework Heart of the Raj, Chain of Hearts, Periwinkle and Pearls Heart, and Spirit of Christmas Heart to my stash.  Tomorrow I'll have to check out Kate's Annex to see what supply packets she'll be offering.

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