Monday, October 17, 2011

Well, I caved...

With the best of intentions I placed my order with Gay Ann yesterday--Margaret Rose, the book about bullion roses, and a lace doily that was the first of the Sunday morning specials. I was so proud of myself--I had really limited my purchases!

This morning diaster struck. It seems that Gay Ann (kindly, I guess...) decided to make the Saturday and Sunday sales available throughout the day today so that those members of her Yahoo SNS group who missed the weekend sales (there seems to have been some confusion about exactly where the sale was taking place) would have the opportunity to purchase some of those designs.

Well, there went all of my resolve. Suddenly I'm looking at MIAC, Glittering Diamond, New Orleans, and the perforated paper ornaments...

Before I know it, I've sent Gay Ann an email ordering Glittering Diamonds as well as both of the perforated paper ornament sets!

Oh, well. I'll enjoy stitching them over the next year. And who knows--maybe next year I'll have a bit more willpower!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Ann,

    You aren't the only one who ordered more designs!

    I now have to look at my various email to see what I've ordered but I know I ordered;

    Margaret Rose
    A Flower in a Pot
    Paper Ornaments (1st set)
    Glittering Diamonds
    and I think New Orleans???

    I also ordered the Elizabeth book as I want to take that class next year!