Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 11--A Tree Grows in Baton Rouge

I woke up far too early this morning, I'm guessing because of the time change, so I went out to the living room and started the day's stitching.

First out of the bag...of course...Merry Kitty Christmas heart. My tree is now ready for her star, and her beads. According to the directions the beads are the next step. I don't have any beading thread so I may skip ahead to the next step and add all the beads at the end. Before I do that I'll read all the way to the end of the instructions just to make sure I'm not creating a problem for myself later!

I had the most trouble with the tying overstitching, finding the right spot to 'come up' from the back was sometimes difficult. But it looks good to the naked eye, and that's what counts, right?

Here's today's work, step-by-step.

filled in with skipped padded gobelin stitch

with overstitching added

with tying overstitching added

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  1. Hi Ann,

    You are making great progress!

    Windy Meadow