Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 13

Today I stitched a bit more than 12 stitches--I was half-way through a strand of perle cotton, so I decided to keep stitching until I finished the strand. I did have to remove and restitch yesterday's work when I noticed that I had the stitches facing in the wrong direction! (What can I say--I started stitching traditional needlepoint as a child so I always think that the stitch runs from bottom left to top right!) Looking at the photo they still look wrong, but I've double and triple checked them and they are now slanting in the correct direction!

Yesterday I wrote to Gay Ann and complimented her on the way she has written her directions--both the thoroughness of the directions and the well-drawn stitch charts. I know that her background isn't that of a technical writer, but it could have been just based on the thoroughness of her directions and her writing style. It certainly makes trying a new stitch or a new technique much less stressful.

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